Dive into today’s chat where we discuss hitting the “time lottery” in retirement.

Just like daydreaming about what you’d do if you won the actual lottery, retirement opens a world of opportunities to live on your terms. This isn’t just about hobbies and pastimes (although those are great!), it’s also about cultivating an enriching lifestyle that aligns with your true desires and interests. That’s where we talk about the power of the ‘’Id List.’

It’s always important to remember your value! All those skills that you had the day before you retired, you still have today! Those skills suddenly don’t exist or cease to have value. They do. So keep those things in mind as you’re thinking about how you want to spend your time.

Remember, retirement isn’t about slowing down; it’s about choosing your own pace and path! 

Check out our downloads Making an Id List and It’s Your Time here.

Your Silver Circle

Your Silver Circle


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